School return for US-bound teacher

Bernadette Presta-Burrell', former pupil at Notre Dame School
Bernadette Presta-Burrell', former pupil at Notre Dame School

Sheffield-born Bernadette Presta Burrell is back in her home city this week – prior to taking up a top teaching post in the USA.

Bernadette, aged 50, a former pupil at Notre Dame RC High School in Ranmoor, has been appointed assistant head at the Fort Hood Teaching Facility of Education, a Texas military base.

Bernadette, formerly of Rustlings Road, Endcliffe, studied at Liverpool University and went on to become a special education teacher.

She has lived in the USA for the last 26 years after marrying Gene, a tank commander in the US Army.

This week, Bernadette is visiting family in Lodge Moor and Fulwood prior to taking up her new post on Tuesday, July 8, and will be visiting Notre Dame’s open day on Saturday.

Mum Ann Lawler said Fort Hood was seen as one of the top schools in the state.

She said: “Bernadette wanted to leave school at 16 and become a hairdresser, but we persuaded her to stay on.

“She hasn’t had it easy over the years as Gene has been away so often at war, but she has done ever so well and is a real credit to her old school.

“She’s over the moon at landing this job.”