School ‘so petty’ for excluding our girl

Pictured is Chloe Carlton ho has been excluded from City School for wearing a braclet
Pictured is Chloe Carlton ho has been excluded from City School for wearing a braclet

A dad has blasted ‘petty’ rules at a Sheffield school where his daughter was excluded over a bracelet.

Matthew Carlton said 16-year-old Chloe missed five days of education as she prepares for her GCSEs at City School because of the row.

Chloe removed her bracelet when asked to by staff – but was suspended after refusing to hand it over and muttering the word ‘pathetic’.

Dad-of-two Matthew, of Chadwick Road, Woodthorpe, has complained to the school.

He said: “The school is causing students undue stress with these petty rules when they have enough on with exams.

“Chloe is coming up to exam time and they have excluded her for five days – what help is that to anybody?

“I understand there have to be rules, but usually they are relaxed when students have exams coming up.”

Michael, who lives with wife Andrea, a dinner lady, said the no jewellery rule was part of strict new procedures as the school prepares to become an academy.

He said Chloe was left alone in an isolation room two days previously after forgetting to take off a pair of gold stud earrings before school.

The 46-year-old dad said Chloe’s bracelet bears the words ‘Just Be Positive’ and has special meaning for his daughter.

“It’s inspirational for her – whenever anybody is getting on at her at school she looks at it for a bit of inspiration,” he said.

“She took the bracelet off but she refused to hand it over, which is understandable as far as I’m concerned, and she described the rule as pathetic.

“It is pathetic. They’ve got people standing on the doors now as pupils walk in, and are sending them home if they aren’t up to scratch.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Steve Roberts, acting principal at City School, said: “Any exclusion of a student is always the last resort, and the school is working closely with parents and students to ensure this is so.

“The City School remains committed to improving outcomes for young people by bringing about significant improvements in the school.”