Sheffield inner city nursery gains ‘good’ rating in inspection

Good quality teaching and learning was found at a nursery school in the heart of Sheffield’s Park Hill flats complex.

Grace Owen Nursery has been rated good overall, while the children’s polite and friendly behaviour was hailed as outstanding by inspectors from government education watchdog Ofsted.

Executive headteacher Joanne Bradshaw and her senior staff were found to be providing a clear vision and strong commitment to high standards in all their work.

As a result the school had kept up its performance levels despite significant staff and management changes since the last inspection.

The school is now linked in a federation with Manor Lodge Primary School.

In their report, inspectors said school leaders were supported by well-trained staff and an effective governing body who shared the head’s drive and ambition.

All groups of children were making good progress from their starting points in all areas of learning, and as a result were well prepared for reception classes when they left.

It was discovered that the youngsters’ speaking and listening skills were particularly well developed, and there was also good support for those with special needs and disabilities.

The most able children achieved well because they quickly learned to be independent and make their own decisions.

They were curious about the world around them and enjoyed solving problems.

Inspectors praised the quality of teaching and high expectations, which developed pupils’ vocabulary and understanding.