Teachers split on shortening six week holiday

Teachers are split over whether a shorter summer break would benefit children’s education, according to an end of term survey carried out by a Barnsley recruitment agency.

Provide Education asked staff their views on proposals to shorten the traditional six week holiday.

A total of 54 per cent said reducing the length of the summer break would do nothing to benefit children’s education, while 46 per cent said they thought it could help.

A similar narrow majority of 58 per cent thought the whole school calendar should be left as it is, while 42 per cent thought there was room for improvement.

The latter group thought it could be time to reform the length of school terms and the timing of breaks.

Director of Provide Education Barry Simmons said: “Our quick end of term survey shows that the teaching profession can see both sides of the argument when it comes to the idea of reforming the school calendar.”

Provide Education works with over 2,000 supply teachers and support staff in over 500 schools across South and West Yorkshire and the East Midlands.