Teamwork key at ‘good’ school in Sheffield


Staff are working together as a team to improve education standards at a Sheffield school, inspectors have found.

Nook Lane Juniors in Stannington has been rated ‘good’ by Ofsted, maintaining the grade achieved on its last check-up.

Inspectors praised the very effective leadership of headteacher Steven Arbon-Davis, who had been the driving force behind the school’s progress.

He had increased standards in key areas, with pupils of all abilities now doing well as they moved through the school.

The children were doing particularly well in maths, with many able to solve problems speedily, and often in reading too.

Inspectors rated the quality of teaching as good overall, with staff having strong relationships with pupils, giving them plenty of praise.

As a result the youngsters had confidence in what they were doing and were often excited about their learning.

The children’s behaviour was consistently good and the large majority got on well together.

Senior staff and governors were leading the school very well, sharing a vision and resolve that its education would continue to improve.

Parents were pleased with the quality of the school as well.

Inspectors felt that some pupils could still do even better, with some not doing as well in their writing and spelling as in other areas.

And the marking of their work did not always make clear what they could do better, or involve them enough in making improvements.