‘The Fonz’ Visits City School To Inspire Children To Achieve

pictured at Graystones Primary School, is Hernry Winkler
pictured at Graystones Primary School, is Hernry Winkler

TO a certain generation, he will be always remembered as The Fonz, star of 70s TV series Happy Days.

But Henry Winkler is playing a different role these days, encouraging children, espceially those with learning difficulties, to realise their potential.

The actor, producer, director and now best-selling author visited Greystones Primary school last Friday as part of a nationwide tour.

He explained how he struggled at school and was labelled lazy and a troublemaker when, in fact, he had dyslexia, which was only diagnosed many years later.

“Henry was an inspiration to the children – he was absolutely fantastic,” said assistant head Cath Harling.

“The children heard how he was labelled stupid when he was at school but he never stopped believing in himself and never gave up.

“Henry is best known by the children for his popular Hank Zipser books – it was the parents who were more excited about a visit from the Fonz himself!”

The school’s cheerleading team did however pay tribute to Henry’s famous past by performing a 50s-style routine.

Children from other primaries in the area including Hunters Bar, Ecclesall and Clifford were invited to the event, as they had also been taking part in the writing week.