Tribute to meningitis student

ryan sweatman, meningitis death
ryan sweatman, meningitis death

A FUND has been created for the Meningitis Research Foundation in memory of a Sheffield Hallam University student.

Ryan Sweatman, aged 19, died in his sleep after returning to the city from his home in Norfolk, and his family wants to help research into the condition.

He was studying sport development and coaching, and had been slightly unwell over the holidays with a cold but had none of the symptoms of the disease, said his mother, Gina Weston, aged 48.

“He felt fine on the day he went back.

“The next day, he went to bed with a headache but it was nothing to worry about. He was due to attend a lecture the next day but he died in his sleep.

“The coroner said it was a vicious strain of the illness and there had been no time to save him. There was nothing that could have been done.”

Another of Mrs Weston’s sons, Joe, died from meningitis when he was just two months old.

“We have been told by doctors that it’s incredibly rare to have two people in the same family die from meningitis,” she said.