Volunteering ‘safari’ for Sheffield visitors

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Sheffield is welcoming young visitors from four different European countries this month to take part in volunteering opportunities.

They are being funded by a programme called Volare which supports individuals and organisations involved in adult education to take part in European training activities and projects.

Their hosts are Sheffield Futures, Sheffield Council and Doncaster College, while the programme will include a ‘safari’ looking at voluntary work in the city.

Activities lined up for the visitors will include a pop-up project at Richmond Activity Youth Club, giving the outdoor area a much-needed make-over including the creation of a vegetable patch so smaller children will be able to play outdoors.

There will be loads of events throughout the week, with a grand finale gig at Red Tape Studios in the city centre by groups who are themselves run by volunteers.

Next month, young people from Sheffield will get involved themselves by going to Poland, followed up with further visits to Italy and Spain.

The programme offers young people the chance to visit partner organisations in Spain, Germany, Italy, Latvia and Poland.