Election Results: Sheffield wards - find out what happened where you live

Local Elections: Bringing you all the Sheffield results as they are announced.
Local Elections: Bringing you all the Sheffield results as they are announced.

SHEFFIELD voters have turned on the Lib Dems as Labour takes back control of the Town Hall - here is the full list of Sheffield results, ward by ward.

Read more of our online coverage, plus video report and interviews with key politicians at last night’s count.

See The Star today for our election round up and Saturday’s edition for the full reaction - find out how the results will impact on Sheffield.

And for more insight and reaction see The Sheffield Telegraph next Thursday.


ARBOURTHORNE (LAB HOLD): Jennyfer Marie Andrea Barnard (Green, 965); John Robson (Lab, 2,938); Peter Smith (Con, 517); Chris Tutt (Lib Dem, 566). Electorate: 12,678; Turnout: 39.3%.

BEAUCHIEF & GREENHILL (LIB DEM HOLD): Ajaz Ahmed (Lab, 2,121); John Winston Beatson (BNP, 262); Martin Brighton (Ind, 81); Simon William Clement-Jones (Lib Dem, 2,496); Michelle Grant (Con, 566); Christina Hespe (Green, 317); Bob Sheridan (UKIP, 266). Electorate: 13,563; Turnout: 45.1%.

BEIGHTON (LAB HOLD): Julian Brandram (Green, 333); Shirley Diane Clayton (Con, 991); Andy Hinman (Lib Dem, 570); Chris Rosling-Josephs (Lab, 2,986). Electorate: 13,185; Turnout: 37%.

BIRLEY (LAB HOLD): Denise Fox (Lab, 3,250); Susan Elizabeth Hayward (Con, 683); Barrie William Jervis (Lib Dem, 514); Frank Plunkett (Green, 500). Electorate: 12,836; Turnout: 38.5%.

BROOMHILL (LAB GAIN): Michael Lawrence Ginn (Con, 505); Bernard James Little (Green, 1,315); Pat Sullivan (UKIP, 104); Stuart Ian Wattam (Lab, 1,741); Alan Edward Whitehouse (Lib Dem, 1,371). Electorate: 13,312; Turnout: 37.8%.

BURNGREAVE (LAB HOLD): Maxine Bowler (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts Sheffield, 831); Russell Craig Cutts (Con, 408); Ibrar Hussain (Lab, 3,982); Javid Khan (Lib Dem, 250); Christopher John Sissons (Green, 447). Electorate: 15,354; Turnout: 38.5%.

CENTRAL (GREEN HOLD): Mohammed Akbar (Lab, 2,237); Jillian Creasy (Green, 2,530); Iltaf Hussain (Lib Dem, 631); Emma Waters (Con, 403). Electorate: 19,008; Turnout: 31%

CROOKES (LAB GAIN): Julian Rupert Crossland (Green, 1,174); John Hesketh (Lib Dem, 2,397); John Derwent Swift Levick (Con, 874); Geoff Smith (Lab, 2,916). Electorate: 13,939. Turnout: 52.8%.

DARNALL (LAB HOLD): Charlotte Elizabeth Arnott (UKIP, 510); Harry Harpham (Lab, 3,706); Adrian John Hawley (Green, 303); Ian Randolph Hiller (Con, 328); Tasadique Mohammed (Lib Dem, 522). Electorate: 15,085. Turnout: 35.6%.

DORE & TOTLEY (LIB DEM HOLD): Daniel Kevin Gage (Con, 2,419); Jen Henderson (Lab, 1,368); Joseph Otten (Lib Dem, 3,248); Rita Louise Wilcock (Green, 530). Electorate: 13,465; Turnout: 56.2%.

EAST ECCLESFIELD (LAB GAIN): Victoria Margaret Bowden (Lib Dem, 2,150); Kaye Horsfield (Green, 333); Russell Marsh-Smith (Con, 421); Jordan Michael Pont (BNP, 385); Steven Wilson (Lab, 2,926). Electorate: 14,404; Turnout: 43.2%.

ECCLESALL (LIB DEM HOLD): Neale Gibson-Abo-Anber (Lab, 2,160); Arun Mathur (Green, 1,187); Christina Alison Stark (Con, 1,587); Diana Stimely (Lib Dem, 3,390). Electorate: 14,696; Turnout: 56.6%.

FIRTH PARK (LAB HOLD): Judith Ross Burkinshaw (Con, 402); Jonathan Graham Harston (Lib Dem, 334); Leela Simms (Green, 367); Christopher Weldon (Lab, 3,331); Electorate: 13618; Turnout: 32.55%.

FULWOOD (LIB DEM HOLD): Judith Fiona Rutnam (Green, 1,121); Alan Ryder (Con, 1,646); Andrew Paul Sangar (Lib Dem, 3,095); Catherine Anne Walsh (Labour, 1,808). Electorate: 14323; Turnout: 54.1%

GLEADLESS VALLEY (LAB GAIN): Steve Barnard (Green, 703); Jenny Grant (Con, 290); Alan Thorton Munro (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts Sheffield); Denise Ann Reaney (Lib Dem, 1,845); Tim Rippon (Lab, 3,187). Electorate: 14,022; Turnout: 44.3%.

GRAVES PARK (LIB DEM HOLD): Ian Auckland (Lib Dem, 2,621); Keith Raymond Endean (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts Sheffield, 147): Trevor Grant (Con, 895); David Maurice Hayes (Green, 308); Bob Pemberton (Lab, 2,485); Electorate: 13,391; Turnout: 48.2%.

HILLSBOROUGH (LAB HOLD): Steve Ayris (Lib Dem, 1,765); Bob Johnson (Lab, 3,312); Steven Antony Lawton (Con, 411); Chris McMahon (Green, 586). Electorate: 13,637; Turnout: 44.6%

MANOR CASTLE (LAB HOLD): Jenny Armstrong (Lab, 2,732); Katie Condliffe (Lib Dem, 340); Miles David Anthony (Con, 253); Graham Stephen Wroe (Green, 420). Electorate: 12,433; Turnout: 30.1%

MOSBOROUGH (LAB HOLD): David Charles Barker (Lab, 3,069); Anwen Fryer (Green, 248); Elaine Hinman (Lib Dem, 1,762); Gabrielle Pitfield (Con, 608). Electorate: 13,574; Turnout: 41.9%.

NETHER EDGE (LAB GAIN): Rob Cole (Green, 1,105); Jayne Dore (Lib Dem, 2,175); Qurban Hussain (Lab, 3,160); Roz Malandrinos (Con, 363); Jeffrey Stephen Shaw (UKIP, 145); Richard Brian Ward (Ind, 219). Electorate: 13,396. Turnout: 53.5%

RICHMOND (LAB HOLD): John Campbell (Lab, 3,070); Barbara Wieslawa Masters (Lib Dem, 487); Richard Anthony Roper (Green, 508); Andrew James Sneddon (Con, 517). Electorate: 13081; Turnout: 35%.

SHIREGREEN & BRIGHTSIDE (LAB HOLD): Steve Michael Brady (Green, 451); Eric Kirby (Con, 463); Peter Price (Lab, 3,092); James Tosseano (Lib Dem, 338). Electorate: 13,850; Turnout: 31.4%.

SOUTHEY (LAB HOLD): Leigh Michael Bramall (Lab, 2,927); James Edward Gould (Con, 365); Christine Tosseano (Lib Dem, 403); Eamonn Charles Ward (Green, 347). Electorate: 13,472; Turnout: 30%.

STANNINGTON (LIB DEM HOLD): Nigel Stuart Bonson (Con, 856); Mike Maas (Green, 602); Vickie Priestley (Lib Dem, 2,540): Max Telfer (Lab, 2,535). Electorate: 14146; Turnout: 46.2%.

STOCKSBRIDGE & UPPER DON (LAB GAIN): Martin Charles Brelsford (Lib Dem, 1,790); Grant Antony French (UKIP, 950); Dan Lyons (Green, 352); Nigel John Owen (Con, 868); Philip Wood (Lab, 2,321); Electorate: 14,509; Turnout: 43.3%.

WALKLEY (LAB GAIN): Penny Baker (Lib Dem, 1,892); Kirsten Hurrell (Con, 275); Chaz Lockett (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts Sheffield, 102); Richard John Ratcliffe (UKIP, 301); Nikki Sharpe (Lab, 3,056); Simon Peter Walker (Socialist Equality Party, 116); Jim Wilson (Green, 727).

Electorate: 14,657; Turnout: 31.2%.

WEST ECCLESFIELD (LAB GAIN): Kathy Aston (Green, 366); Hilary Ann Gay (Con, 620); Alan Hooper (Lib Dem, 2308); Alf Meade (Lab, 2,497). Electorate: 13978; Turnout: 41.4%.

WOODHOUSE (LAB HOLD): Les Abrahams (Lib Dem, 505); Jonathan William Arnott (UKIP, 638); John Francis Grant (Green, 177); Laurence George Eyes (Con, 482); Mick Rooney (Lab, 3,057). Electorate: 13287; Turnout: 36.6%.