Broken lights fixed on street at last

WORK is under way to repair broken lights on a Sheffield street which have been off for almost six weeks, leaving residents feeling unsafe to go out at night.

And pensioner Brenda Willis, who lives on the affected street, Moat Hall Way, Manor, said her car has been hit by another vehicle in the darkness, causing more than £100 of damage.

Mrs Willis, who lives with husband Ronald, both retired Sheffield University workers, said: “It’s only a small road and there are just three lights. We’ve had a blackout for five weeks and five days which has made life very difficult.

“Drivers turning into our road have suddenly been faced with darkness and one ran into mine, hitting the back bumper causing scratches to the paintwork.

“The cost of the repair will probably be more than £100 which is a lot of money but not worth claiming on the insurance because of the excess and my premium will go up, so I’ll have to end up paying it myself.

“I also haven’t felt safe going out after dark because there are 14 steep steps to my house and I need to be able to see where I am going.”

Great grandmother Mrs Willis added she had contacted Sheffield Council to report the fault and ask when it would be fixed, only to be passed on to electricity company CE Electric.

“I lost count of the number of times I kept calling them to find out what was going on without success,” she said.

After The Star contacted CE Electric, the company sent an engineer to temporarily fix the lights and work on a permanent repair has started this week.

A CE Electric spokeswoman said the company had only received notification about the repair from Sheffield Council on September 6 - five weeks after the lights stopped working.

She said: “On Monday, September 6, CE Electric UK received notification from Sheffield Council regarding a problem with the street lighting on Moat Hall Road.

“CE Electric UK attended the site that day to carry out investigations and have identified an underground cable fault. We sent an engineer to site on September 9 to try and restore the supply to the street lights via an alternative cable route and a permanent repair is scheduled for this week.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience and if any of our customers have any concerns relating to this matter then please contact our 24 hour emergency call centre on 0800 375 675.”