‘Car parks must be safe and not abused’

EXCEL Parking Services respond: As Mr Dempsey admits in his letter and in his mother’s original appeal, on the day in question Mrs Dempsey’s vehicle was deliberately parked outside the marked bays, as the photo clearly shows.

As is indicated on signs at the entrance to and repeated throughout the car park: ‘When parking bays are present park correctly within an authorised marked bay’.

Parking terms and conditions ensure accessibility and public safety.

In order to ensure fairness, clarity and public understanding they must be finite, not subject to variations in traffic or local weather conditions.

While Mr Dempsey appeals to common sense, our duty is to ensure that our car parks remain safe, and free from parking abuse. The common sense approach is to ensure the rules are enforced equally for all.

Mr Dempsey is similarly affronted by the cost of his phone call. We would like to make clear that not only are all phone charges detailed on the rear of our Parking Charge Notices (PCNs), but we also make it clear that ‘Verbal appeals/challenges will not be accepted. Only written appeals/challenges will be processed’.

Thirdly, we would like to point out some inaccuracies in Mr Dempsey’s account of how this PCN was issued. Although his letter states that Mrs Dempsey was only away from her vehicle for 15 minutes, our records show this to be untrue.

Mrs Dempsey’s vehicle was observed from 10.45 to 10.55 before being issued with a PCN. In her appeal, Mrs Dempsey provided us with a Mothercare receipt, which clearly shows that she was still in store at 11.31, some 45 minutes after her vehicle was first observed.

Mr Dempsey also states that on exiting Mothercare, the car park was empty of vehicles and people.

Again, our records show that a parking attendant was in the car park observing another vehicle between 11.27 and 11.37, and therefore our parking attendant was present and approachable if, as stated, Mrs Dempsey returned to her vehicle immediately on leaving Mothercare.

Mrs Dempsey has exercised her right to appeal and for the reasons above this appeal was not upheld. Since Mrs Dempsey has paid the PCN in full, we now consider this matter closed.