Changes ahead in bid to tackle jams on arterial road

A delayed scheme designed to smooth the flow of traffic on one of Sheffield’s main arterial roads is due to be rolled out soon.

Changes lined up for Penistone Road between Shalesmoor and Wadsley Bridge include banning a right turn from the Morrisons and B&Q superstores at Hillsborough Barracks. They will link with the redesign of Leppings Lane roundabout as a signal-controlled junction, part of a new traffic system linked to the construction of the Sainsbury’s superstore.

One of the main aims of the Penistone Road package is to improve journey times for buses, but the council says all road users will benefit from fewer hold-ups. Changes are also planned to help pedestrians. The bulk of project has been on the books for five years, and is now set to be introduced as a result of the Government paying £3m under its ‘Pinchpoint Fund’.

Alterations are due to made at junctions along the dual carriageway, and the council says the new Hillsborough Barracks turning should reduce queueing on Penistone Road. The gyratory system at Bradfield Road will be improved and there are plans to allow city-bound traffic to leave Morrisons via Langsett Road.

Other changes include an outbound bus lane on part of Penistone Road and raising the speed limit from 30 mph to 40 mph between Infirmary Road and Capel Street.