City wildlife group chief Nigel on the move to new pastures

Nigel Doar.
Nigel Doar.

ONE of the guiding lights behind the growth of the Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham is moving to fresh pastures after 13 years.

Nigel Doar, who has been chief executive for ten years, has been appointed as Head of Development at the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts.

In Sheffield and Rotherham, he has seen the organisation develop from managing a handful of small sites to being responsible for more than 1,000 acres of land, transforming neglected places into oases of nature.

Membership has increased from fewer than 100 to almost 5,300.

“This is surely a clear sign that the people of Sheffield value their local natural world and the things that the Wildlife Trust does to protect and enhance it,” he said.

“I hope this trend will continue long into the future, as the natural environment in and around Sheffield deserves and needs all the support it can get.”

Nigel’s leadership and ideas helped to generate improvements to local parks, nature reserves, woodlands and other green spaces. He also had a key role in the creation of the regeneration agency Green Estate and the River Stewardship Company, which carries out riverside improvement projects.

One of the trust’s major recent successes has been the award of a Green Flag for Wyming Brook – its first reserve to be recognised independently for the quality of its management as a destination for people, when it was awarded a Green Flag.

It has just extended its nature reserve at Fox Hagg, working towards linking it to Wyming Brook.

The purchase of Greno Woods has been one of his latest challenges.

“We have been working steadily towards achieving our goal of buying Greno Woods and making it one of the best places in Yorkshire to experience nature and to receive the benefits from it,” he said.

“We have already secured more than £450,000 towards our target and only need another £120,000 to complete the purchase of the biggest part of the wood.”

Nigel is leaving after completing a secondment earlier this year at the national head office of the RSWT in Newark.

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