Controversial bakery burner set for approval

FUMING neighbours are objecting to plans to keep an incinerator at a bakery located behind a house in a Sheffield suburb.

Sheffield Council’s city centre, south and east planning board will consider the proposals to retain the incinerator and flue behind a house on Tannery Street, Woodhouse, at a meeting on Monday.

Planning officers have recommended the application is granted permission.

Eight letters of objection, including three from the same neighbour, have been sent in to the council.

Residents opposed to the incinerator claim the fumes produced are a major health risk, that it would be a fire hazard, and that hazardous waste product such as packaging from the bakery are being burned.

“The flue has a detrimental impact on the visual amenity of the locality,” residents added.

But planning officers, who recommended approval, said the flue height had recently been increased to ‘aid dispersal’ of smoke and that no objection to the incinerator had been made by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service.