Cyclists banned from riding in car park after near misses

OWNERS of a Sheffield city centre office block have caused controversy with workers by banning cyclists from riding in the car park to the cycle rack.

The Balance, formerly the Norwich Union offices, on Pinfold Street, near City Hall, is home to companies including internet provider PlusNet and law firm Hill Dickinson.

The Balance says there have been ‘a number of near-misses’ where accidents have nearly happened between cyclists and motorists in the car park, and has had to restrict cycling as a result.

One worker said: “The parking area features a steep ramp between the entrance and exit with not enough room for a car to pass a pedestrian - but cyclists have to walk their bikes around the car park around the road, including the ramp, and the new rules are enforced by CCTV.”

A spokesman for The Balance said: “We have invested in cycle racks and encourage workers to cycle.

“But there were a number of near-misses involving bicycles and cars and, following health and safety advice, we have introduced the policy of no cycling in the car park.”