Deal struck on blue bins changeover

Bin men emptying domestic waste bins
Bin men emptying domestic waste bins

SHEFFIELD’s system for recycling household waste is to change from the end of next month after a deal was finally struck between the council and contractor Veolia.

Residents will be able to choose how to use blue bins or boxes from May 23.

A more flexible system was due to be introduced this month but it was delayed amid negotiations over the contract and the council finding the extra It money from depleted budgets.

It means that householders can decide whether to use blue bins or boxes for paper or cans and bottles.

Over the past year, some have complained that the boxes can be too heavy to carry to the kerbside when full of paper.

Others have said the blue bins are too big for glass and cans.

Council leader Paul Scriven said the alteration will now cost significantly less than the £750,000 that Veolia is understood to have originally asked for.

He said: “I’m sure local people will understand that by waiting just a little longer than originally planned we can get the best price possible, which will be significantly less than what has been quoted.

“We underspent on the waste budget by £1.5m last year, thanks to increased profits on material collected via the new recycling service.”

Nigel Williams, managing director of Veolia Environmental Services, said: “We are working closely with the council to provide the right recycling service for residents of Sheffield.”

The changes will be introduced in two phases, from May 23. Residents should use the current system until they receive letters from Veolia.