Despair as old pub faces demolition to stop vandalism

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Conservationists in Sheffield have expressed their “despair” over the impending loss of a historic building.

They are dismayed that the Government-backed conservation agency, English Agency, has declined to list Knowle Hill Mill, last used as the Joseph Glover pub, to save it from demolition.

“It’s very sad that this fine building, which has stood for 250 years, is to be just swept away,” said Howard Greaves, of the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society, which campaigned against the demolition of the Victorian wing of the old Jessop Hospital.

The council has given permission for the former pub to be demolished after being told by the applicants that it will “remove the potential for vandals and squatters to take hold of the building”.

It says it is “a great shame” that the old mill will be lost because of its distinctive character “in an area which lacks distinctive buildings”, but it is “not of sufficient quality to justify listing” and demolition may pave the way for redevelopment.

Mr Greaves said: “It would convert admirably to apartments but the developers are taking the easy way out.”