Dim view of floodlights for sports ground

Sheffield United are facing defeat over the proposed installation of floodlights at their community sports ground at Crookes.

Planners agree with nearby residents that the lighting would cause too much glare and too much other disturbance as a result of longer playing hours in the autumn and winter. However, the final decision will be made by councillors on Tuesday.

They are under pressure from their officers and from residents to reject an application to install ten lighting columns at the Derek Dooley Community Centre off Crookes Road – eight years after initial plans for floodlighting were withdrawn.

Some 32 objections have been received. One resident of Reservoir Road fears the “intrusive effect” of light pollution on a residential area that she says already has “considerable light” from the Goodwin Sports Centre.

Critics have the backing of local councillors Jayne Dunn and Brian Webster. “Floodlights would increase light pollution, and the extended hours this would give the facility would increase both traffic and noise to residents nearby,” says Coun Dunn.

Planners say that although the lights have been designed to minimise light spillage and glare, they would introduce a “brightly lit feature into an otherwise relatively low light environment”.