Expanded housing proposals criticised

A LARGE building firm has been accused of being ‘greedy’ by proposing to add a further 40 homes to a planned new housing estate.

The accusation was made by Coun Jack Clarkson at a meeting of Stocksbridge Town Council.

He spoke out after an amended planning application was submitted to Sheffield Council by Bloor Homes for 340 houses on the former brickworks site off Station Road, Deepcar.

Coun Clarkson said the company had planning permission for 300 homes on the estate but they were now wanting to amend the planning application to add another 40 homes.

Sheffield Council’s planning department has asked the town council for comment before the application is decided by the planning board.

He said: “Bloor Homes are being greedy by trying to maximise their profits from this development by cramming in another 40 homes.

“It appears this will mean less space for recreational and community facilities and they want to create a second settling pond for run-off rainwater which will create added danger especially for children on the estate because water always attracts children.

“There also appears to be no mention of facilities for the residents on this estate and their children, which will make it a soulless place compared to other housing developments in Deepcar and Stocksbridge where there are plenty of community amenities.”

Coun Clarkson said another 40 homes would also adversely impact on the local infrastructure such as schools and medical amenities.

He has asked Sheffield Council to defer consideration of the planning application until after Stocksbridge Town Council meets next month and local residents have been consulted about Bloor Homes’ proposal.