Gritting review - the winners and losers

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More than 140 Sheffield roads are due to be gritted after all this winter after public pressure - but 80 have not been added to the list, and 14 have been removed.

Many residents and business are relieved that the council has changed its mind in some instances after consulting over proposed cuts to the highways service.

However, there will be frustration as the authority sticks to its strategy to save £100,000 a year. Details will be finalised tomorrow (Friday).

The proposed revision protects school bus routes, access to doctors’ surgeries and care homes, streets with a gradient of more than 10% and carrying over 3,000 cars a day and roads used by traffic heading towards Manchester Road in the west.

It signals a reprieve for the likes of Stephen Hill, Hagg Hill and Coldwell Lane in Crosspool, Hangingwater Road in Nether Green, Hollins Lane, Rivelin, Oughtibridge Lane, Riverdale Road and Ivy Park Road in Ranmoor, Kent Road, Meersbrook, Mortimer Road and Kirk Edge Road in Bradfield and Skew Hill Lane, Grenoside.

Roads off the list include Ranmoor Cliffe Road and Tapton Park Road, Brooklands Crescent, Mayfield Road and David Lane in Fulwood, Brincliffe Edge Road, Ranmoor Park Road, Whiteley Wood Lane and Redmires Road.

Roads due to lose precautionary gritting include Meersbrook Park Road, Twentywell Road in Bradway and Raisen Hall Road in Longley.

The council came under widespread pressure to think again in many cases.

One petition, with 398 names, came from Barry Croxall and Jane Thompson, licensees of the Three Merry Lads in Redmires Road, which is not on the updated list. “What do we pay our business rates for?” asked Jane.

She added: “When we had bad snow two years ago we didn’t have deliveries for a week. We ended up paying for somebody to plough the car park.”

Three petitions - with more than 1,000 signatures - came from the Bradfield area.

Cabinet member Jack Scott said: “If these recommendations are accepted, Sheffield would still provide the highest level of winter maintenance service of local authorities across the country - including areas with a similar topography to Sheffield.”