Housing list shake-up

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News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.
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ALL 84,500 people on Sheffield Council’s housing waiting list face having to reapply for a home – and must provide two references.

People who move will also be banned from reapplying for another property for two years, while priority categories will be streamlined from 23 at present to just seven under plans to revamp the housing allocation system.

The authority is modernising the system in a bid to save £220,000 a year and gain an ‘accurate’ picture of how many people are actually in need of a home.

The change will cost £140,000 to implement, but long-term savings are forecast to come from cuts to administration costs and extra rent from less people moving around.

Each time a person moves house, it leads to a property standing empty for several weeks and costs due to repairs or modifications required before new tenants move in.

Just 18,500 people are actively making bids on properties – but the waiting list is one of the longest in the country. Under the new system, people will have to reapply and must also renew their place on the list once a year.