More 20mph zones are to be rolled out across Sheffield

Seven new 20 mph areas are being introduced around schools and residential areas - but the locations have sparked a political row.

The first four areas are now in operation around Lowedges, Woodthorpe Community, Southey Green and Westways (Crookes) Primaries.

Three more are due to be introduced by March around Charnock Hall Primary, Gleadless, Stocksbridge Nursery, Infants and Junior, St Ann’s Catholic Primary and Stocksbridge High Schools and High Green and St Mary’s Catholic Primaries.

Each of the former Community Assemblies were asked to nominate an area with at least one school as part of road safety drives.

Cabinet member Leigh Bramall said: “The council has invested a lot in road safety.”

But Lib Dems accused Labour of “once again pouring investment into their favoured areas while ignoring the rest of the city”.

Coun Joe Otten said Dore was being “ignored” despite being highlighted for a high number of casualties.