New permit parking zone for Hillsborough Corner

Hillsborough corner at 8am on a Monday morning before bus and tram gate enforcement started.
Hillsborough corner at 8am on a Monday morning before bus and tram gate enforcement started.

THE latest permit parking scheme comes into operation in Sheffield today - just a week after the council announced plans to double the price of many fees and increase some four-fold.

Restrictions are now in force around Hillsborough Corner to deter people parking on the streets for free and then commuting into the city centre on the tram, taking up spaces needed by local residents and traders.

The scheme, to be reviewed in six to 12 months, has been launched after public consultation found two-thirds of locals in favour.

For the first two weeks warning notices rather than fines will be issued to those who park incorrectly.

As with other city schemes, visitors to Hillsborough will be allowed 15 minutes’ free parking - but must print a ticket from a parking meter.

Some spaces are designated for residents only, while parking in other spaces is 40p per hour, with waiting limits of two and four hours. A small number of free short-stay spaces will allow parking for one or two hours.

Residents and businesses must pay for permits to park outside their properties and for visitors’ permits.

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council cabinet member for transport, said: “This scheme has support from a considerable majority of locals. Permit parking is always about striking a balance but we’ve listened to views and hope the scheme can go some way to improving things.

“In the past many residents and businesses have struggled to park outside their premises due to people using the area as nothing more than a free car park and getting the tram into town.”

The scheme’s implementation comes just a week after the council revealed parking permit prices are being doubled as part of budget cuts. Fees are rising from £10 to £20 for residents’ first cars, while businesses’ first vehicle permit fees are also being doubled and second permits increased 50 per cent. The price of residents’ visitor parking passes is being quadrupled.

But resident Anna Hill, of Clarence Road, said: “I think permit parking will vastly improve Hillsborough Corner. It can be so frustrating to drive round and around to find a space on your own street.”