Noise fears about pub alteration proposals

Pub alteration plans are causing controversy with neighbours concerned about possible noise.

Sheffield Council’s licensing board has approved an application by Punch Taverns for The Sportsman Inn on Harvey Clough Road, Norton Woodseats.

The proposals involve altering the entrance from the garden area and removing a structural wall from the lounge to bar rooms, to ‘give more open space’.

The garden area would also be larger under the plans - with amplified music outside.

All windows would be double-glazed.

Neighbours’ concerns were revealed in a letter from Jon Round, a Sheffield Council environmental health officer.

He said: “I am concerned in particular that residents in close proximity will potentially be affected by excessive noise disturbance from loud, amplified music breaking out of the building as a result of the fabric being severely compromised, and from the addition of amplified sound in external areas.”

The council approved the changes - subject to an inspection in three months’ time to ensure noise is not causing problems.