Plea to save old transport HQ

TRANSPORT managers are being urged to spare their old headquarters in Sheffield city centre from demolition.

Opposition has been lodged in response to the suggestion of clearing the site of Hambleton House, the former offices of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, which has stood in Exchange Street, near Park Square, since the 1920s.

With concerns over security, maintenance and the condition of the six-storey building, South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority Properties Ltd asked the council to approve demolition, if it should be required.

However, it says refurbishment has not been ruled out.

The idea of demolition has resulted in 24 individual protests to the council.

One critics says: “Exchange Street needs some heritage to retain character in an area blighted with poor architecture. It is one of the only examples of tasteful architecture in the area.”

Another says: “It seems a shame to destroy yet another old building in Sheffield, especially when so many have already gone. We will not see its like again.”

John Haddon, who works for the ITA properties branch, said that it had not yet decided whether to go ahead with the demolition.

“Although a planning application for demolition has been submitted to Sheffield Council, this was a legal requirement in order that demolition could proceed as and when the shareholders of this company give their approval, which is by no means certain.

“Other possible options are to refurbish the building and/or work with the council to maintain the building in some format or other.”