School traffic protest begins to gather speed

Vonny Watts with petition and cars parked at Riverdale Rd
Vonny Watts with petition and cars parked at Riverdale Rd

A PETITION has been launched urging the council to ease parking congestion near Notre Dame School in Ranmoor.

Householders say more cars are being parked on surrounding residential roads now that the school has lost its car park as part of a redevelopment programme.

“Residents are furious,” said Vony Watts, who lives in Ranmoor Park Road. “There is real danger of someone, potentially a child, being injured. “The congestion created by the daily abandoning of vehicles by teachers, contractors and visitors is an accident waiting to happen.

“Many residents, myself included, have complained to the council to no avail. Parking regulations, which are not going to be in place until at least late January anyway, are simply not going to work. They will simply move the problem a little further up the road. “

Mrs Watts, who will be a Conservative candidate for the Fulwood ward at the next council elections, said she started the petition to demand an alternative car park, with residents of Riverdale Road being the first to sign.

As well as the extra parking, roads near the school were being used by traffic cutting through from places such as Lodge Moor and Ecclesall Road.

There was no consultation over the loss of the school car park, she said, adding: “It is ludicrous that planning was granted to expand such a large institution and to actually take away existing parking.”

Potentially there was a piece of council land off Fulwood Road, near the Fulwood Inn, that could be used as a car park, she added.

John Bann, the council’s head of transport and highways, said: “Work is already being done to tackle the parking problems residents have been facing near Notre Dame.

“Works are a condition of the planning permission and will be funded by the developer. We will continue to monitor the area to see if any additional measures need to be taken.”