Sheffield affordable homes bid controversy

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

A DEVELOPER could be allowed to slash the number of affordable homes it is required to build as part of a housing scheme on a former Sheffield college site.

Sheffield Council was insisting Ben Bailey Homes creates 14 affordable properties as part of a development of 69 homes on the site off Wood Lane, Stannington.

At the planning board meeting where the project was given planning permission, councillors stood by the demand for the affordable housing.

But Ben Bailey Homes has submitted an application to drop the condition of the planning permission.

Sheffield Council has put forward a compromise, which would mean six affordable homes being built.

The application is to be discussed at a meeting of Sheffield Council’s west and north planning board on Tuesday.

Nine objections have been made against the application from residents who said affordable housing in the area is needed, with standard houses selling for around £200,000.

Ben Bailey says the lower requirement is needed to ensure the project is ‘financially-viable’ but protesters are unhappy no costings or other evidence have been provided in the company’s latest application.

Four people supported Ben Bailey, saying removal of affordable housing would ‘increase the value’ of the other houses. They also argued having a larger number of affordable homes could ‘lead to social problems in the future’.

Council planning officers recommended the compromise of six affordable homes – otherwise they fear the scheme may not go ahead.