Sheffield folk can keep their green bins

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

GREEN wheelie bins are set to be re-used in Sheffield – by being offered for use by residents, and at places such as allotments, rather than being destroyed.

Sheffield Council’s cabinet member responsible for waste management said some of the 30,000 bins which are still in good condition could be kept, to reduce waste. Those in poor condition will be recycled.

The move followed concerns by opposition Lib Dem councillors about the fate of the bins after the ending of free garden waste collections.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Lib Dem group leader, said: “I’m glad the council has seen sense and listened to the outcry of local people. Why Labour’s cabinet member ever thought it was a good idea to destroy 30,000 bins is beyond belief.

“Hopefully Veolia will listen to public pressure and offer this service across the city. Although we believe Labour should have retained the free green waste collection, the offer of a green bin may be a helpful trade-off for local residents who are struggling with their garden waste.”

Meanwhile, Lib Dems also criticised Labour for having a ‘favoured areas’ policy on opening days at the city’s five recycling centres.

Under changes which started last month, the site at Blackstock Road in Gleadless Valley, which serves the south and south-west of the city and has the highest tonnage of any site, is closed to the public three days a week. Yet the Longley Avenue site, which serves the north and east, will remain open seven days a week.

Coun Colin Ross, deputy leader of the Lib Dem group and councillor for Dore and Totley, said: “How can it be fair for the most popular site in the city to be closed three days a week, while the less popular centre in Labour’s ‘favoured area’ stays open seven days a week?”

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member responsible for waste management, said: “It was always the plan to allow residents to keep their green bins if they wish. Those being disposed of were in poor condition with problems such as leaks. They will be recycled.

“There has been no u turn.

“To talk of favoured areas is ridiculous. Blackstock Road also serves our wards including Arbourthorne and Manor.”