Sheffield parking permit price rise row

News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.
News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.

A POLITICAL row erupted this week over increases in Sheffield parking permit charges.

Opposition Liberal Democrats criticised a rise in the cost of a first permit for residents to £36 from April 1 compared with £10 in 2011/12. A second permit will cost £72 instead of £30, while charges for businesses will rise from £20 to £72.

Local Lib Dem leader and Broomhill councillor Shaffaq Mohammed said: “It disappointing to see that, having campaigned against parking permit profits, Labour politicians are looking to fleece local motorists yet again. Not only will this hit residents across Broomhill but small businesses in the area as well. It’s clear Labour want more funds for their political pet projects, like Park Hill and Town Hall makeovers, and it’s unfair to ask local motorists to plug the gap.”

But Labour cabinet member Leigh Bramall accused the Lib Dems of “complete hypocrisy. They did not propose to keep the permit charges at £10, accepting an increase when the council set its budget this year. Unfortunately due to the massive and unfairly targeted Government cuts that the council are facing from Nick Clegg and the Tory led Government, we are having to put the price of permits back up to the level they were at before they were reduced in 2010.”