Sheffield Town Hall green waste blunder apology

The council’s Labour leadership promised in The Star that any households which still had garden waste for collection could call for a final free pickup before new paid-for collections start by contractor Veolia today.

But the pledge to collect the remaining bags of garden waste was not passed on to staff manning the phone lines and they were not aware of the service.

Numerous readers contacted The Star to complain. Sheffield Council apologised and promised to ensure call centre staff were made aware of the free offer.

A spokesman said: “We are sorry for any confusion people may have experienced in having their green garden waste sacks collected recently.

“Residents can contact Veolia until May 4 to arrange for free collection of any remaining green sacks.

“Veolia will only collect six sacks from each property and only from those properties who have contacted them.

“Once this collection is made, no further collections will be made from the property.

“The green sacks will be collected within 20 working days and must be placed outside the property and be visible from the highway, the spokesman added.

Anyone who would like their remaining green sacks collected free of charge by Veolia should call 0114 2734567 and select option one.