‘Tramp’ living on Sheffield fly-tip site

Blight: Fly-tipping at the gas installation off Longley Lane, where a rough sleeper has set up home.      PICTURE: STEVE ELLIS.
Blight: Fly-tipping at the gas installation off Longley Lane, where a rough sleeper has set up home. PICTURE: STEVE ELLIS.

RESIDENTS are demanding urgent action to tackle fly-tipping on a Sheffield housing estate – which they say was first reported around a year ago and has now become an occasional home for a tramp.

People living in the Longley area are urging Sheffield Council to clear rubbish left in a wooded area where Longley Lane crosses Bagley Dike stream.

One nearby resident, who declined to be named,said: “It’s atrocious. There are bin bags, plastic carrier bags, cartons and containers and now we even have a homeless person living there sometimes among it all.

“He has set up a bed, using a small building containing a gas installation, as shelter.

“The amount of fly-tipping is a real mess and we need it to be cleared up, then the area to be monitored to catch anyone else who dumps items there.”

Another nearby resident said: “One of my neighbours has been reporting the problem to the council for a year, but it’s still going on and makes the area look a mess.

“We need some action.”

The incident was reported to The Star after our Love Where You Live campaign was launched.

The council said it has received seven reports of fly-tipping from residents in the Longley Lane area, most recently in January.

The authority said waste was removed on each occasion, but no action was possible due to a lack of evidence about fly tipping.

The council said it is working with Amey, its highways maintenance contractor, on possible action to catch fly-tippers in the area.

Details of what action will be taken have not yet been decided by the organisations.

Coun Jack Scott, council cabinet member for environment, recycling and streetscene, urged members of the public to report fly-tipping as soon as it occurs so the authority can ‘keep on top’ of the problem.

He said: “Fly-tipping is a criminal offence we take very seriously.

“I know how much it can affect an area and how it can drag it down.

“We have responded to incidents of fly-tipping in this community, but it is important to be clear that the lazy, ignorant criminals who undertake this action bear responsibility for it and it is then the council’s job is to clear it up.

“We need people to continue to report incidents to us and share any potential evidence about who is carrying out the fly-tipping so we can take action. This can be done by emailing firstpoint@sheffield.gov.uk or by calling our customer services team on 0114 2734567.”

Love Where You Live aims to encourage people to take a pride in their neighbourhood.

The council is also issuing more fixed penalty fines against litter louts. The number of fines issued over the last year are three times higher than during the previous 12 months.