‘Unfair new homes burden’

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CONSERVATIONISTS say the south-east of Sheffield is facing an “unfair concentration” of housing on greenfield sites.

They say they want to protect the area’s “precious” green spaces and say more plots in other parts of the city should be considered as part of the council’s strategy to identify suitable locations.

The authority has listed 18 potential plots of land, many that have not been previously developed, to help meet Government targets.

Kevin Hill, chairman of Shire Brook Conservation Group, said three proposed sites within one square kilometre in Woodhouse were “a bit out of proportion and an unfair burden on the district”.

The biggest of the 18 sites is farmland east of Woodhouse. New homes are also being suggested off Junction Road and off Beighton Road.

Mr Hill said: “If more housing has to be provided locally, we are sure more suitable sites could be found by infilling rather than by extending the urban sprawl on to agricultural land.”

The council says it needs to build 35,000 homes by 2026 and does not have sufficient brownfield land for all of them. None of the suggested locations are in the green belt.

Public consultation is running until February 27.