Very wet - but where was the snow in the city this winter?

Sheffield has had the wettest February for 12 years - but little sign of snow.

There has been some snowfall, but no settled snow was recorded at Weston Park weather station over the past three months.

“That in itself is a pretty rare event, only occurring around one in 20 years,” said a spokesperson.

Sheffield saw plenty of rain last month, but no records were broken, unlike in other parts of the country.

Rainfall totalled 104.3mm compared with 173.9 in 2002. The wettest February on record was 1977 with 201.4mm.

From December to February, it was the 24th wettest with 298.2mm, which was swamped by the record-breaking winter of 1965-1966 when 412.5mm fell.

Sheffield’s average temperatures in February were above average at 6 deg C, which was higher than in the last couple of years, but still lower than in 2011. The average February temperature is 4.2 deg C.

Sunshine was also above average at 77.5 hours, but levels were comparable with the last two years. The February average is 57 hours.

Weston Park weather station, run by Museums Sheffield, has been recording data since 1882 and is one of the longest, continuously recording weather stations in the UK.