We need a car park near the hospitals, say visitors

Sheffield's Weston Park Hospital
Sheffield's Weston Park Hospital

PLANS for a car park to ease the pressure for visitors to Sheffield hospitals have prompted letters of support as well as objection.

Opposition continues to roll in over an application to create 140 spaces on the site of the from British Glass laboratories at the corner of Northumberland Road and Harcourt Road, largely on the basis of the extra traffic and fumes that would be generated in a residential area.

But the council is also be urged to think about visitors who currently find it difficult to find a parking spot near the hospitals, especially Weston Park and the Children’s Hospital.

One parent of a girl being treated at Weston Park says she has to travel from Oldham. “It was at this very same hospital (Weston Park) I couldn’t get parked and didn’t get to see my husband ever again,” she writes. “Now once again at this hard time for me, the last thing I need is nowhere to park.

“There are hundreds, if not thousands of people in the same situation, and at this point in our lives, we don’t and shouldn’t be having to wait 45 minutes to an hour for a space every week.”

Another regular visitor to Weston Park says: “On my last visit I had to wait one hour and ten minutes for a parking space, bearing in mind I have just travelled an hour and a half to get to the city.”

Another supporter of the proposed car park says: “I recently visited the Children’s Hospital and found parking almost impossible.”

Parking Lots Ltd have submitted more information to the council about issues such as traffic flows in an attempt to justify the scheme.

They say there will be “a huge demand” when the Children’s Hospital is redeveloped. “We are hoping to be working with the trust so when the development commences we can make sure it does not affect the Broomhill area.” It is also argued that the car park would ease existing pressure on Whitham Road.

A verdict from councillors is not expected until next month at the earliest - and objections are currently outnumbering letters of support by four to one.

One critic, who lives in Marlborough Road, says: “The pavements are narrow, busy and dangerous, with a lack of satisfactory crossing points. Northumberland Road and the other nearby roads are very busy pedestrian routes, especially during school and university term time.”

He adds: “Rather than a car park that will tempt more people to visit the area in cars, the council should be doing everything possible to discourage car journeys. The hospitals, university and local schools all have travel plans with the aim of reducing car journeys. The proposed car park goes directly against this aim. Having lived very near the site for many years I agree with those residents who rightly point out that there is no shortage of parking in the immediate area.”

Objections have been lodged by the University of Sheffield, Broomhill Action and Neighbourhood Group and Crookesmoor Community Forum.