Estate agency inspired by brain injury treatment

Emma Douglas, fundraiser at Neurocare, and Joanne Bloor of Bloor & Co.
Emma Douglas, fundraiser at Neurocare, and Joanne Bloor of Bloor & Co.

STAFF at Sheffield estate agency Bloor & Co have never forgotten the “fantastic” hospital care given to a member of the family firm when he suffered a severe brain injury in a cycle accident.

The company is making a long-term commitment to charity Neurocare as thanks for the life-saving treatment given to Adrian Bloor.

It is donating 1% of the commission it receives from house sales to the charity, which raises money for the neurosciences department at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Adrian, now 44, who is the brother of the independent estate agency’s co-owner, Nigel Bloor, was treated on the neurosciences ward six years ago following the accident on the A625 between Fox House and Dore.

Joanne Bloor, Nigel’s wife and managing partner of Bloor & Co, said: “Adrian was in a coma for three weeks, intensive care for four weeks and various other neurosurgical wards for seven and a half weeks after the accident and we didn’t know if he would survive or if he would suffer permanent damage from the head injury.

“But the care Adrian received from the medical staff at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital’s neurosciences department was fantastic and he would not have survived without it. He also received intensive rehabilitation and aftercare support and he was soon back home in Whirlow.”

Adrian has recovered to the extent that he has completed charity events for Neurocare, including two Iron Man challenges in Germany.

Joanne added: “At Bloor & Co we wanted to support Neurocare on a regular basis, rather than for a one-off fundraising event, so we decided to donate 1% of the commission we receive from all sales.

“We started our fundraising last year and money from completed house sales is now starting to come through regularly for Neurocare. We are passionate about raising not just money, but also awareness of the charity’s fantastic work.”