Exclusive: The dog muck capital of Sheffield

Carnaby Road, Sheffield
Carnaby Road, Sheffield

Carnaby Road is the worst street in Sheffield for complaints about dog fouling, The Star can reveal exclusively today.

Angry residents of Carnaby Road in Hillsborough kicked up a stink about pet mess more than on any other road in the city in the past three years.

Dog fouling,Carnaby Road,Sheffield 6

Dog fouling,Carnaby Road,Sheffield 6

Sheffield Council have received 34 reports about the problem on the street, data uncovered as part of The Star’s Your Right To Know campaign shows.

Last year alone there were more than 1,100 complaints across Sheffield in total.

And Hillsborough featured more often on the list than any other suburb – with five of its streets finding a spot among the top 10 most spoiled by mess.

Some residents on 
Carnaby Road said the problem was caused by irresponsible dog walkers who live elsewhere but walk their pets along the street.

Grandmother Pam Bush, who pointed out three piles of dog mess just outside her house, said: “I’m not surprised by the figures, but I just think it’s really wrong.

“There are dog walkers who come in off nearby roads and go around in a circle with their dogs, letting them foul here.

“This is a lovely street and the dog muck is blighting it.

“There’s one pile which has been there for months and I think, ‘Why should I pick it up?’.”

Signs ordering ‘no fouling’ have been painted on the pavements of Carnaby Road – but residents said they are no deterrent to rogue dog owners.

Nearby roads also suffer the same problem.

The council figures show five streets in Hillsborough are among the 10 worst for complaints.

Mum-of-two and dog owner Michelle Saunders, aged 43, Carnaby Road, said: “I’m always telling my children to watch where they are walking, it’s a problem more or less every day.

“It has been left outside the house and you have to pick it up. It’s bad enough doing your own dog’s mess, never mind somebody else’s.

“At night the street lights aren’t that bright, so you have to try to remember where it was to dodge it.”

Alan Gilberthorpe, who has lived on the street for 28 years, added: “I think people have complained about it on here and they put those signs on, but it’s not made any difference.

“When the first sign went on there was a pile next to it the very next day.

“These people don’t take any notice.”