Extraordinary Kate

Christina Trindade (left) & Kate Allatt
Christina Trindade (left) & Kate Allatt

SHEFFIELD mum Kate Allatt crowned her list of amazing accomplishments this week by being named Extraordinary Woman of the Year.

She will add yet more to that list next week with the launch of Running Free, her book about her remarkable story.

It is just 15 months since the 40-year-old mother-of-three was struck down by a stroke that left her fighting for life and ‘locked in’ – aware of everything going on around her but unable to move anything except her eyes.

Since then, with resolute perseverance, she has confounded doctors by learning to walk and talk again and returning home to her family.

She has also motivated fellow stroke survivors through her Facebook page, launched a charity to raise awareness of the condition and written the book that is guaranteed to inspire any reader.

Running Free, published on Thursday, is a powerful and moving account of Kate’s experiences.

It charts her desolation, frustration and sheer determination.

It is compulsive reading; a story that acknowledges her own weaknesses and irritations but also speaks volumes about her strength, her fighting spirit and her gratitude for the support of friends, family and particularly husband Mark.

He was beside Kate this week at the national Extraordinary Women of the Year conference in Nottingham – and was the first to congratulate her when she won not only the award for personal endeavour but also the overall title.

“This award marks the culmination of all our hard work over the last 15 months, especially my three littlest supporters and husband Mark,” Kate told the audience.

But she dedicated the honour to three current stroke fighters: one whom she met via Facebook, another who is still ‘locked in’ in Stockport, and the third Blackpool FC junior coach Gary Parkinson.

“In my words, life is without limits,” she said. “And in the words of Winston Churchill: success is not final, failure is not fatal, it’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Kate and Mark are planning another celebration on Sunday when they renew their wedding vows at Christ Church, Dore, surrounded by more than 60 of the family and friends who have supported them.

Running Free is published on May 19 by Accent Press, price £9.99.

lSheffield businesswoman Christina Trindade won the Extraordinary Personal Contribution category. The founder of the Working Women network overcame a traumatic and abusive childhood to become an entrepreneur, working with thousands of women.

Christine said: “This is really a great platform for me to continue helping and celebrating the success of women, inspiring women to work in business and to take the work I do further and further.“