Family remembers Sheffield Tsunami victims on tenth anniversary of tragedy

Andrew and Natalie McLeish from Sheffield
Andrew and Natalie McLeish from Sheffield

Grieving friends and families of South Yorkshire victims of the Asian Tsunami were remembering their loved ones today on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy.

The Indian Ocean earthquake of Boxing Day, 2004, created a tsunami with waves 50ft high and killed more than 230,000 people in 14 countries.

Dozens of people from South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire on holiday in Asia were caught up in the disaster.

Among those who died were newlyweds Andrew and Natalie McLeish from Sheffield, who were on a belated honeymoon to the island of Phi Phi, near Thailand.

Sandra Bell, Natalie’s mother, said the pair remain much missed by their friends and families a decade after their deaths.

She spoke to her daughter on Christmas Day 2004, with the couple saying they were having a ‘wonderful time’ on holiday – just hours before the tsunami struck.

Sandra said: “We are glad they had 10 years together and they will always be in our thoughts.

“At the same time, I do feel sad for the loss of the life they could have had together and they were planning with such eagerness.

“They are very much missed.”