Fan hurt by flare at rock concert

AN ARCTIC Monkeys fan suffered first-degree burns after a fellow concert-goer threw a flare into the crowd.

Paddy Diver, aged 21, spent several hours in A&E after the firework landed on his shoulder at Don Valley Bowl on Saturday night.

The factory worker, from Tinsley, saw the flare and turned round to see if his girlfriend, Rachel, was alright when somebody said: ‘Mate, your shirt’s on fire’.”

He was treated at the first aid tent before watching the rest of the gig. Afterwards he went to hospital. “The doctors say the scars will always be there and I might not be able to go back to work for a while. There were loads of little kids around me in the crowd. If the flare had hit one of them, it could have caused real damage or even blinded them.”

Paddy, who said the performance was “incredible”, added: Security guards were searching everyone for food and drinks when people came in, so I don’t know how anyone got the flares through.”

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