Fancie plans reignite issue of bars on busy city road

Fancie Cafe.
Fancie Cafe.

Controversy over the number of bars and restaurants on Sheffield’s Ecclesall Road has flared up again - as a cupcake emporium branching out into restaurant food faces a fight in its plans to serve drinks.

Fancie Canteen and Bakery, which recently moved to Ecclesall Road in expanded form after moving from its former premises on Sharrowvale Road, wants to supply alcohol from 8am to 11.30pm seven days a week.

But neighbours, health protection and environmental officers have all lined up in opposition, citing concerns over public disorder and noise.

The row comes after Fancie started diversifying from its core business of luxury cupcakes, offering a cafe-bistro service.

“Alcohol offered will match the business’ high-quality policy and will feature quality wines and local artisan brewers,” said the cafe in its application.

“The premises have allowed customers, primarily those attending the Supper Club, to bring their own alcohol to accompany their meals. Alcohol has been consumed responsibly and has not led to any adverse issue.

“The provision of alcohol is a service customers have requested.”

Morning drinks will include champagne breakfasts, as well as picnic sales in summer.

However one neighbour, Karen McGuinness, said she had ‘major concerns over noise nuisance and general disturbance’.

“There is a complete overload of bars in this area affecting residents’ reasonable expectation for peace and quiet,” said Ms McGuinness.

“The premises’ original application was for a cafe, but gradually they have increased their opening hours.”

Sean Gibbons, from the Health Protection Service, said he was concerned about staff carrying food and drink upstairs, where events are planned.

Jonathan Round, of the Environmental Protection Service, has called for better sound insulation and a new system for getting rid of cooking odours.

Mr Round said the rear terrace and ground floor outdoor dining area should not be used after 9pm.

The matter was due to be decided at a meeting of the city council’s licensing committee today (Thursday).