FANS’ VERDICT: This is what people said about Arctic Monkeys’ Sheffield homecoming gig  

Arctic Monkeys made their long-awaiting return to the Sheffield stage last night – and fans were in for a treat. 

The Steel City heroes begin their run of four shows at the Fly DSA Arena as part of their tour to promote their latest album Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. 

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These are the band’s first gigs in their hometown for nearly five years – and fans took to Twitter immediately after the show to express their delight at seeing the indie rockers. 

Steve Battey ‏tweeted: “In 2006 an album came out by a local band I sometimes saw in Asda that took me and the rest of the world by storm.

“Last night I saw those same lads absolutely smash a sold out Sheffield Arena in arguably the best gig I’ve been to.”

Alex Turner on stage.

Alex Turner on stage.

Scott Campbell added: “Arctic Monkeys were amazing tonight. Finally got to see them live after all these years and at their hometown show too.”

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Lorena Villegas-Cid‏ described the show as “superb” and added: “I really wanted to see them in their hometown, Glad I did!

“Tomorrow is my third Monkeys show in less than a week.”

Fans at the arena.

Fans at the arena.

Danny Camplin‏ said he had an “Absolute banging night “ and described the atmosphere as “amazing.” 

Scott Campbell posted: “Just got back from Sheffield, Arctic Monkeys were superb. Top night!”

Kieran O'Malley‏ said: “What a night!”

Sean Staunton‏ described it as a “class night” that was “well worth it.”  

The band takes to the stage.

The band takes to the stage.

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The band, which features Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley, was formed in High Green in 2002. 

They will play at the Fly DSA Arena tonight, Friday and Saturday.  

Alex Turner on stage at the arena.

Alex Turner on stage at the arena.