Fat problem of blocked drains

TEAMS from Yorkshire Water have been going underground in Sheffield to check drains and sewers.

Surveys revealed 113 blockages – 23 caused by people putting fat down their sinks and it solidifying in the pipes.

Network technician Chris Bradshaw said: “By carrying out these pro-active surveying activities, we are aiming to help prevent any incidents of internal flooding occurring as a result of blocked sewers.

“Often the problem has been caused by people putting unsuitable items down their toilets and sinks – in the case of areas of Sheffield, this was cooking fat.”

A number of the blockages were on the customers’ property and therefore their responsibility to clear, he said.

“What we want to highlight to customers is that these types of blockages can cause sometimes devastating problems to customers’ homes and by simply disposing of their fat in another way this can be this can be easily prevented.”

Yorkshire Water have spent £750,000 over the past year searching for and clearing blockages across the region.