Favourite Things: Every summer we have a barbecue in the gennel

Audiologist Peter Byrom, pictured by the Sheffield Amphitheatre. Picture: NSTE Byrom MC 1
Audiologist Peter Byrom, pictured by the Sheffield Amphitheatre. Picture: NSTE Byrom MC 1

Peter Byrom recently launched his own private practice, Peter Byrom Audiology from Sheffield’s private hospitals, Thornbury and Claremont. Peter spent over 20 years in NHS audiology and until last year, was the clinical lead for an adult audiology department at a South Yorkshire NHS Trust hospital. A hearing aid wearer who experiences tinnitus, this former joiner studied at Barnsley and Wakefield colleges while working at Sheffield Children’s then Hallamshire Hospital where he qualified as an audiology technician. Peter undertook an MSc at the University of Leeds to find out if the sounds tinnitus patients have to live with can be drowned out by simply using a hearing aid. Peter lives in Walkley, is married to Ellen, who teaches Spanish at Sheffield Hallam University and they have three children: Dan at university, Jim, 16, and Martha, 12.

Shepherd Wheel

Noodle Doodle

Noodle Doodle

The Shepherd Wheel is a poignant reminder of Sheffield’s industrial past, set in Bingham Park on the Porter Valley trail- part of Sheffield’s iconic Round Walk. On Saturday mornings when I was courting Ellen, we would meet at Shepherd Wheel after she had finished teaching dance classes and sit in front of the fire drinking our flask of coffee and listening to the old grinding wheels turn and the water wheel splashing- very romantic! We have since taken our children to share our special place with them.

South Street Park Amphitheatre

Just behind Hallam University is this wonderful open air theatrical venue where Sheffield is spread out behind the actors as a backdrop. Several times I have seen a fantastic touring theatre company called The Handlebards there.

Dam Flask and Agden reservoirs at Bradfield

It is truly a privilege to walk around beautiful Sheffield countryside looking out to the stunning Peak edges just ten minutes from my home. I love walking the circular route around Dam Flask, or including Agden if I’m feeling more energetic. You can hear the trees rustling, the sails of the boats flapping on the water and afterwards enjoy a hearty bowl of soup in the post office in winter or head to the Old Horns or Plough in Low Bradfield for a refreshing pint in summer.

The Vine

The Vine is my church. It’s based on two sites: one a traditional Church of England building on Fawcett Street next to the Ponderosa and the other an interesting modern design of spacious buildings with a warm, friendly community and welcoming environment. Although my consulting rooms are in the hospitals, my office is here. I occasionally get involved with leading singing. My office looks out onto the church allotment which is wonderfully colourful at this time of year. The church has a well-attended food cycle project- run by amazing volunteers.

Thornbury and Claremont

Not only is their level of service superb to patients, I must thank these excellent hospitals for looking after me so well. They organize me brilliantly, especially when my diary gets crowded with patients with everything from hearing loss to blocked ears and tinnitus often wanting to see me immediately.

Noodle Doodle

This great Malaysian restaurant on Trippet Lane is a real family favourite of ours. It’s easy to park outside, there is a wide variety of dishes to please everyone and a family feel. I am a huge fan of their roast duck pancakes and Kung Po spicy chicken!

Hallam Symphonia

“Passengers” led by the hugely talented conductor Natalia Luis-Bana, this wonderful event takes place at High Storrs School annually. And it’s not just the music, uniquely, children are encouraged to sit right next to a musician playing and swap to another after the interval.

The Gennel

The gennel is the name of the tunnel which runs front to back of our houses on Walkley Bank. The four houses are raised up and we mainly access via the back door, so the gennel is used by us all. Every summer we have a barbeque, and every winter we have our Christmas do in the gennel. Unusually, we have lived in the same house since we married and bought our own home and it’s my tranquil place in the middle of the city with wonderful views out to Damflask.