Favourite Things: Giving some thought to Sheffield’s different pleasures

9 Dec 2016...Andy Hanselman outside Sheffield City Hall for Sheffield Telegraph ' Favourite Things' feature. Picture Scott Merrylees
9 Dec 2016...Andy Hanselman outside Sheffield City Hall for Sheffield Telegraph ' Favourite Things' feature. Picture Scott Merrylees

Andy Hanselman is a partner in Sheffield-based Andy Hanselman Consulting with his wife Jill White. He speaks, consults and trains businesses how to ‘think in 3D’ - that means being ‘dramatically and demonstrably different’. Their book on the practice is based on his and Jill’s 25-plus years of researching, working with and learning from successful businesses, both locally and around the country. Having spent his early years working down Dinnington pit, Andy studied mining engineering at Nottingham University. Having helped grow and develop a consultancy business for someone else, Jill and Andy set up their own business in 1995. They sold that to the management team in 2004 and started again working locally, nationally and internationally. He lives in Thorpe Salvin with Jill. Copies of their Thinking in 3D book are on sale priced £5 -all proceeds to Neurocare. Visit www.andyhanselman.com/product/thinkin3dforneurocare/ for details.

Bramall Lane

I just had to start here at ‘Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane’. I’ve been going regularly since the early 1970s and was brought up on the delights of Currie, Woodward and Hockey. It has given me the highest of the highs over the last 40 odd years (promotions to the Premiership and cup runs) and lowest of the lows (relegations to Division 4 and long drives back from Wembley). Hopefully under Chris Wilder’s stewardship, the ‘highs’ seem to be coming back.

The Chesterfield Canal

At Turner Wood

I like to get out on my mountain bike as often as I can and love riding ‘off the beaten track’. A particularly nice spot is alongside the Chesterfield Canal between Kiveton Park and Turner Wood. There’s even a little sign there that says ‘STOP’ and take a minute to take in the view and I always try to. There are herons, swans and even a kingfisher that don’t seem to mind cyclists coming along, so you get some brilliant views.

Sheffield City Hall

Another place that has provided me with some brilliant experiences and memories over the years is the City Hall. Bouncing around to Ian Dury and the Blockheads, being amazed by Genesis, banging my head to AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, and of course, local heroes Def Leppard and Saxon, being charmed by Judie Tzuke, laughing with Ross Noble (not laughing at Steve Coogan which was disappointing), being blown away by Derren Brown and being ‘entertained’ by Stephen Fry and Michael Palin... and recently reminiscing with Fish from Marillion on their 30 year anniversary tour (I know, it shows my age). A particular highlight was doing stand-up comedy when I was involved in the first business Stand Up For Comedy event in aid of Weston Park Hospital a few years ago.

Little Hanoi

This is my favourite of the many fine oriental restaurants on London Road. There’s always a warm welcome and the food is wonderful. It’s nice to go here for a pre-match meal before going to watch the Blades. Jill has enjoyed a number of epic girls’ nights out there with the karaoke upstairs and I’m pleased to lay claim to being the first ever karaoke singer they had. I sang Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run if I remember rightly.

Sheffield Hospitals

I’m always in awe of the people who work here. I spent some time as an outpatient in 2008 having collapsed and been in a coma with encephalitis in the North East. The amazing work there is supported by fantastic research and development. For example, did you know Rosa the Robot is assisting neurological procedures here in Sheffield? It’s a UK NHS ‘first’ happening right here - that’s innovation in action.



There are some fantastic businesses in Sheffield and I love being part of (and if I’m honest, presenting to) groups of entrepreneurs. Whether it’s our Next Generation group of dynamic young entrepreneurs linked to Sheffield Hallam University’s Hatchery, the Minds Of Many group of forward-thinking entrepreneurial business leaders that meet at our offices at The Quadrant (and anywhere else who’ll have us) or other ‘networks’, I love the interaction, the sharing of ideas and support that people give to each other – there’s always a real buzz.