Favourite Things: ‘I marvel at eclectic mix of industry and nature’

Louise Oliver outside Sheffield Cathedral
Louise Oliver outside Sheffield Cathedral

Louise Oliver is a former head of sixth form that quit her job to help South Yorkshire’s young people buckling under the psycholocical stress of school life which peaks at exam time. 
She retrained as a hypnotherapist after seeing the dramatic effect the practice had on one of her pupils who had become so fearful of failure she was unable to face even crossing the college threshold. 
She also works with adults and specialises in treating anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Louise Oliver is married and lives in the Bramley area of Rotherham. 
You can find out more about her services at www.louiseoliverhypnotherapy.co.uk

Cathedral and 1554 Café

The Tinsley M1 Viaduct under construction'26/2/1967''gerard deprez <gerard.deprez@yahoo.co.uk> I have included a photograph taken by Trevor Dogson, a friend of mine during the construction of the Tinsley Viaduct in the 1970`s

The Tinsley M1 Viaduct under construction'26/2/1967''gerard deprez <gerard.deprez@yahoo.co.uk> I have included a photograph taken by Trevor Dogson, a friend of mine during the construction of the Tinsley Viaduct in the 1970`s

The cathedral is so beautiful; you can almost reach out and touch the peaceful atmosphere. Whenever I’m in the city, I always make time to pop in for a few moments’ meditation and reflection, followed by a coffee or a bite to eat.

It is so important to find those moments of calm and those special places away from the hustle and bustle, and for me the cathedral is just the place to do that.

Spa 1877

This enchanting Victorian spa is a wonderful place to relax, rest and recover. I appreciate the importance of this “me time” as I help so many women who are wearing themselves out by constantly putting everyone else first. 
They do a wonderful job, but can encounter serious stress and anxiety on the way. I help them to reassess the balance in their lives without feeling guilty. You cannot pour from an empty cup!

University Tram Stop

We are so fortunate to have such a fabulous form of transport through the heart of Sheffield. I enjoy sitting at the university stop, watching the world go by.

Rotherham to Sheffield Canal

When walking this route, I marvel at the eclectic mixture of nature and industry. It reminds me how important it is to slow down, be mindful and appreciate the beauty that is all around us. A recent walk here with my Dad ended in The Dorothy Pax bar on the canal wharf where we had a few well-earned pints of local real ale. A perfect conclusion to a perfect day.

Tinsley Viaduct

Nowadays I often help people overcome their fears of driving over this bridge, but after years of living in Lancashire, it will always be a signal to me that I am home. My heart would jump with joy at the sight of the two cooling towers, which are sadly no more. Others may just see concrete and cranes, but for me the Tinsley Viaduct couldn’t be more beautiful, as it symbolises home, family and friends.

The Botanical Gardens

In a stressful world, being comfortable in your own company can be a real challenge.

Many of my clients need support to learn to be comfortable and confident in themselves and with their own thoughts and concerns. I like to practise what I preach, and the Botanical Gardens provide a perfect setting to appreciate the good things in life and to reflect when things are tough. The beauty of this place is a tonic.

Sheffield City Hall

I love this venue. Every Christmas, we have a family outing to see the Bootleg Beatles. We are never disappointed; what a setting!

My parents saw the real Beatles here in the 60s, so it’s great to share the memories with them, but also with my niece and nephew, who love the Beatles too. 
It is wonderful how music and a beautiful historical building can bring the generations together.

The Assay Office

This important part of Sheffield’s heritage has now become a valuable part of my working life.

I attend here regularly with the Results Hub, a group of local business people who meet to share ideas, support each other and to listen to a variety of inspiring speakers. I imagine self-employment could leave you feeling isolated, but the Results Hub is my business family and the Assay Office is a perfect place for us to meet.