Favourite Things: Memories of great nights in clubs and restaurants

Jamie Knight is owner of J.F. Knight Independent Family Funeral Directors in Handsworth. After 20 years in the industry Jamie wanted to open his own business and decided he had the right skills, and the right attitude, to open up his own funeral home. Away from work, Jamie has also been a coach at Handsworth Boys Football Club for four years, which takes up the majority of his weekends '“ and when he's not coaching he's at Old Trafford, watching his boyhood football team, Manchester United. He has just completed his first year in business ownership and has taken care of around 65 funerals, connecting with families from all areas of the city. Jamie, aged 43, lives in Handsworth, not far from the company on Handsworth Road.

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 10:00 am
Jamie Knight, of JF Knight Funeral Directors outside the Leadmill which is one of his favourtie places in Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe

Hathersage Hilly


Although technically not in Sheffield, this event takes place in the region and sees hundreds of city residents taking part. The setting for the event is perfect, so you don’t seem to feel the pain as much.

The people who organise and run this event are incredibly welcoming and encourage you from start to finish, which means an awful lot to those competing. As the name suggests, it is not easy. But the friendly atmosphere means it’s a must for beginners like myself.

The Leadmill

This iconic Sheffield nightclub and music venue is an absolute gem and is well known beyond the borders of our city. This place holds so many memories for me, it was the place we would end up in most weekends during the early 90s. The indie music scene was always and remains my favourite era.

During the football World Cup, it would open during the daytime for England matches and the atmosphere was electric, but we always knew it would end in the disappointment of a penalty shootout defeat (which it invariably did). I went to see a Jam tribute band there recently – the place still rocks.

TransPennine trail to Rother Valley

There’s a great route from our house to Rother Valley on the Trans Pennine and it’s not too taxing. If I’m going on my own, I like to ride down, have a few laps of Rother Valley and ride home – it’s great for general fitness. I sometimes take the boys down on their bikes, too – it’s all off-road and pretty flat. So it’s safe and they don’t get too tired! Rother Valley itself has so many activities available and is a lovely place to walk, jog or cycle round.

Amy’s House

Sheffield has so many fantastic and worthwhile charities – places like St Luke’s Hospice, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and many more. They do such great work and we will always be grateful for them, there are so many more I could mention.

The charity I decided to support is one local to me called Amy’s House. The work they carry out helping children with special needs, along with their families, in our city is amazing. As a smaller charity I feel it’s important that the community supports them as much as possible. The amazing thing about Amy’s House is the reasoning behind it being set up; it is a heartbreaking story, but also a very inspirational one.

Ponds Forge

It’s great that we have several world-class sporting facilities in the city. As a Fitness Unlimited member, I try and get to Ponds Forge a couple of times a week for the gym and to go swimming. The new gym and changing rooms are exceptional – state of the art. They have certainly improved the fitness experience and all the high-tech equipment adds to it. On top of that, the staff are always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable – it’s definitely somewhere that I’d highly recommend.

The Sword Dancer,


I’ve lived in this area for a while and the local pub, the Sword Dancer, feels like home. It’s practical and friendly and is great for all purposes. It’s always somewhere that my wife and I can take the kids to have a nice meal – somewhere that’s not the Ritz, it’s just comfy and very family-friendly. I only live down the road so I’m able to go up for a pint or two if I fancy it.

Rowsha Lebanese

Restaurant, Walkley

This place is brilliant. I’ve lived in Sheffield all my life and in recent years I’ve loved going here for a nice meal, either as a family or in a bigger group with a few mates. It’s a perfect place to hold an event - just something out of the ordinary. The food is exceptional, and the vibe is just really cool. It’s unorthodox. It’s a bit of a drive from where I live so it makes it more of an occasion – completely different from going down the road to my local. Lebanese food is fantastic and you’d miss out massively if you never head down there.