Favourite Things: Nothing better than golf and great places to dine

Paul Hunt at Millhouses Park, which is one of the favourite places in Sheffield.
Paul Hunt at Millhouses Park, which is one of the favourite places in Sheffield.

Things could have turned out very different for Paul Hunt. He started his adult life as an apprentice footballer for Barnsley FC as part of a YTS scheme. Three decades on and he’s still an avid lover of sport but these days you’re more likely to find him with a golf club in his hand. After his brief spell as a rookie professional footballer for Barnsley FC he soon realised the world of finance was his calling. He hung up his boots and trained at HFC Bank. He then landed at job at Citi Bank and spent over a decade as branch manager both in Sheffield and Nottingham. Paul Hunt has spent the past 12 years as an independent financial advisor building a large number of clients across the city and beyond.

He has enjoyed particular success offering his expertise to the employees of businesses in the shape of ‘financial surgeries’ and has just launched a new partnership – www.rootfinancialservices.co.uk – designed to offer a ‘cradle to the grave’ service for clients across the region. Paul Hunt lives in the Millhouses area of Sheffield.

Moor View Golf Centre

Cubana Tapas Restaurant, Leopold Square. Picture: Andrew Roe

Cubana Tapas Restaurant, Leopold Square. Picture: Andrew Roe

Some people go for a run to get away from it all, some people go to the gym to do the same – I prefer to hit golf balls in solitude! 
You’ll never find me any happier than when I’m up here. Give me 500 golf balls, a coffee and a pair of headphones and I’m happy for hours on end! It’s open seven days a week and floodlit so you can practice at night. Bliss!

Lees Hall Golf Club

When I’ve had my fill of the above it’s time to try out my strokes on the real thing. I’m a regular at Lees Hall Golf Club. 
It’s a well maintained course that has a good degree of difficultly. It’s a friendly club with a great social side and a fascinating history stretching right back to 1907 when it was first established.


I’m a big fan of the area of Sheffield I call home. I don’t think there’s a nicer suburb of Sheffield to live in. It’s ten mins from the frenetic city centre and the nearby bustling Ecclesall Road yet you can get to the wilds of the Peak District in the same amount of time. I’m also a dog owner so I’m blessed with the likes of Ecclesall Woods and Millhouses Park on my doorstep.

Ecclesall Road

There have been some breathtaking changes in this area over recent years as bars and restaurants have come and gone. But there’s no doubt it has kept its quality and a big supporter of Sheffield’s independents like Nonnas that continue to thrive despite competition from national brands.


I’ve become a regular visitor to this retail Mecca in recent months. In fact ever since my daughter got a job at River Island. She absolutely loves it. Unfortunately I seem to have become her self-appointed chauffeur and I spend my time giving her lifts there and back!

Oisoi, St Paul’s Place

This place is amazing! A stunning contempory design with its own in-house Asian market where you take fresh food home. 
Originally opened in 2015, the thought that has gone into this place takes some beating. There really is a great culinary choice in this area now but Oisoi wins every time for me.

Cubana, Leopold Square

It was massive jump moving from small premises on Trippet Lane to the sprawling Leopold Square but Cubana have truly risen to the challenge and their audience has grown as a result. Their restaurant offers fantastic tapas with nightly live entertainment.

Rock gigs

I’ve always been a big fan of rock music and I’ve attended some seminal gigs down the years. One of my favourites will always be the time the Red Hot Chilli Peppers performed outdoor at Don Valley Stadium – a venue sadly no more. It was such an amazing experience. They even covered the Human League’s Being Boiled!

Prince of Wales, Ecclesall Road South

This is probably as near as I get to a local. It’s a nice, classy pub and restaurant and you’re always sure of a warm welcome.