Favourite Things: “Taking inspiration for my musical journey”

Lowri Anderson at the Crucible Theatre for 'Favourite Places' feature. Picture Scott Merrylees
Lowri Anderson at the Crucible Theatre for 'Favourite Places' feature. Picture Scott Merrylees

Lowri Anderson first discovered her hypnotic voice at eight years old. She did her first solo performance at an Abbey Lane Primary School nativity play. “Other parents were telling my parents how amazing my voice was”, she said. “I’d never thought about it before. I just loved singing and performing from a very early age.”

A few years later she discovered a love of musical theatre. Since then she has gone to grace the stages of the Crucible, the Lyceum, the Montgomery, the Lantern and a host of other theatres across the city. She also performed at the Barbican in Plymouth when she was lucky enough to land a place with the nationally renowned Youth Music Theatre. Lowri tragically lost her mum last summer – just days after she watched her daughter perform her first leading role at the Crucible ‘Seven Songs From Seven Hills’. Lowri said: “My mum always told me to follow my dreams. It is in celebration of her memory that I’m determined to maintain my focus and carry on my journey.” 

El Paso restaurant, Cumberland Street, Sheffield

El Paso restaurant, Cumberland Street, Sheffield

Lowri is currently in the final few months of A level study at High Storrs School and is applying for a place at drama school.
You can watch her perform at the Easy Street tenth anniversary concert at the Merlin Theatre on January 19 and 20 More information from: https://www.easystreettheatre.org or you can check her out on Instagram at @LowriAndersonMusic

Dina, Cambridge Street 

If you’ve never been to Dina you have to go. This is the most amazing vegetarian café and art space you’ve ever experienced. There are so many different and fascinating things happening in that amazing space that nestles incongruously in the shadow of John Lewis and the towering new HSBC building.

El Paso

 I must admit I don’t get a lot of free time but my family and I are regular attendees to the amazing El Paso at the bottom of the Moor whenever we get a minute. I’ve been coming her for years and the staff are so lovely! I recommend the vegetarian chimichanga with rice. With shared nachos to start of course. 

Carney Academy 

I’ve been attending this Sheffield-based theatrical school for over six years. Every single Saturday come rain or shine I’ve been there. Ruth Carney is a truly lovely person and has been an inspiration for me in my musical theatre journey so far. The standard of performance she can illicit from people is truly incredible.

Splinters Theatre Group 

This is was the first amateur drama group I joined and I’ve enjoyed some wonderful experiences with them. I’ve performed everywhere from the

Montgomery Theatre to Sheffield University.

Sheffield Peoples’ Theatre 

I was lucky enough to be picked for my first principle role at the Crucible in the company’s recent ‘Songs From Seven Hills’ production. What an amazing bunch of people make up this talented group.

Stephanie King

It has to be said I’ve never really listened to the pop charts – until this lady opened by eyes to world outside of musical theatre.

Stephanie King is one of Sheffield’s foremost vocal coaches and I was thrilled that she gave me the chance to sing with her Motown tribute act. It has been so much fun and made me realise there is actually the odd good song that isn’t in a stage musical.

Sheffield City Hall

This is such an amazing venue with enviable history stretching back to World War One. I was lucky enough to be selected to do work experience here a few years ago. It truly cemented my love of entertainment industry and the need to support the arts.

Sheffield Lord Mayor

I’m honoured to say Sheffield’s first citizen seems to have been a recurring feature in my life for a few years now. It started quite bizarrely – my brother and me ended up doing the ‘oakey cokey’ with the then Lord Mayor Coun Alan Law at his Christmas charity function a few years ago.

A couple of years ago I sang for Lord Mayor Councillor Denise Fox at her annual fundraiser – what an experience that was.
And just a few weeks ago I found myself singing in front of present Lord Mayor Councillor Magid Magid at a Christmas event at my school!