Fears over 24-hour casino plan

RESIDENTS near a proposed 24-hour casino in the former National Union of Mineworkers headquarters in Sheffield city centre say they do not want to gamble with sleepless nights.

Several occupants of nearby flats have objected to the council, which is assessing the details of the planned conversion of the building, next to the City Hall.

One says: “I work long hours during the week and already find the noise volumes from West Street excessive, but to have a 24-hour casino nearby would greatly add to these volumes.”

Local Green councillor Rob Murphy says 24-hour opening would have “a big negative impact in a heavily concentrated residential area”, and any council permission should be in line with restrictions on pubs and clubs in the area. Many residents of West Point and Cambridge Court encounter drunkenness, anti-social behaviour and noise from taxis – and some may get four or fewer hours of undisturbed sleep, he said.

Barnsley-based Brook Leisure, which owns the Embrace nightclub on the other side of Barkers Pool and the Crystal bar in Carver Street, is looking for council permission to create a casino and entertainment complex with two “high quality” restaurants and a rooftop bar with views across the city.

A total of 130 jobs are predicted and it is argued that the development would add to the regeneration of the city centre and help Sheffield to compete with other cities as a leisure destination.