Film festival in Sheffield cost just £90

Burngreave Chapel is lit up for the Cheap Thrills film festival.
Burngreave Chapel is lit up for the Cheap Thrills film festival.

A free film festival featuring ‘movies’ from around the world took place in Sheffield this weekend - at a cost of just £90.

The Zero Budget event included a martial arts spoof made by a nine-year-old, massive dance numbers, Russian films and shorts featuring a cast of Action Men toys.

It was the third festival held at Burngreave Chapel after the organisers won a pop video competition run by South Yorkshire Film Network.

There was free popcorn and return admission for visitors for the screenings over Saturday and Sunday at the community cinema, that is a world away from mass entertainment.

Steve Pool, part of the team behind the festival, said there were around 20 local films, of the 50 in total, including one about a community allotment in Madrid which had been made just for the event.

He said: “The films have to be cheap, we don’t want commercial films, and they have to be short, interesting and family friendly.

“We want people to have made an effort to tell a story, not just point a camera at something funny like on You Tube.”

Steve, of Burngreave, runs the festival with Martin Currie, his sister Janet and Peter Applerock.

He added: “I think this year we have spent about £90 putting the festival on so it really is zero budget.

“We are proud of the fact we have no funding or sponsors.

“There are some really different films in there.

“We can get around 100 people in the chapel and it has been full both years.”

The Zero Budget festival also takes place in Loughborough.